Saturday, March 13, 2010

eHow Earnings Still Dropping

For the 7th day in a row my eHow earnings are dropping. I made two dollars on March 3rd, and today I made less than 50 cents. There are serious problems with the site, I am not sure what is going on. Hopefully there will be a resolution soon. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone else still getting good earnings? Staying the same? Going up? Leave feedback here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Making Money on HubPages

I transfered some of my eHow articles over to HubPages, and it seems like a decent site. I don't think its ranking in search engines is as high as eHow's, but the good thing about HubPages is that when ads get clicked, it goes directly to your AdSense account. You just have to copy the adsense code into your HubPages account.

eHow Bugs - Can't Publish eHow Articles

Anyone having trouble publishing their eHow articles? The dude with all the grease on his face keeps popping up. There are a few messages on the forum from the administrators, but I haven't seen a fix yet. If anyone knows how to fix the problem let me know. Also, I have seen a dramatic decrease in my daily earnings. Anyone else seeing this issue? I was making over a dollar a day on average, and that was 10 days ago. I have about 40 more articles now, and I am making less than a dollar a day. Anyone else with this problem, let us know about it in the comments.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Passive Income - A Slow Start

Just the other day I made over a dollar in one day with my bank of eHow articles. I was happy because I thought it was growing consistently. My articles are all in their very early stages, so I can't expect much, but yesterday when I only made 10 cents, I got discouraged. All this hard work for 10 cents? I had to kick myself, and realize that it takes time to generate a consistent, steady flow of passive income. My eHow article bank is up to 142 now, and I still have more work. WriterGig says if you are writing decent articles you should average $3 per article per month. An article takes 3-6 months to mature, so I wont know if that average is true for at least 3 months, possibly 6. If I didn't touch my articles from now until September, and I was making at least $350 a month on average, I would be happy with this. My goal is to be making $500 per month by the end of the year. This means I need 500/3, or 167 articles by the end of June. If I get to 167 by the end of June, and allow 6 months for my articles to mature to a $3 per article per month average, I should have an average of $500 per month. If anyone else has insight into this, or can show that they have already done something similar to this, let me know! I'm looking for feedback, and information so everyone can help themselves.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

eHow eBook - This Taught Me Everything

eHow is not complicated by any means. But you need to know the basics to earn good money on eHow. Anyone can right a one hit wonder on eHow, but can you write a hundred articles all with good earning potential? Probably not, unless you have the knowledge contained in this eBook. I am not lying, this book helped me out quite a bit. It is written by writergig, a work at home mother who has had amazing success on eHow. If you search "writergig earnings" on google, her blog will show up, as well as her success. She shows screenshots of her earnings, and she is averaging over $1000 a month just on eHow. She has many other things going for her as well. She proves that working from home online can be a living. Buy Now If you want to purchase the book click that link. It takes you directly to the shopping cart. If you don't trust me, search the eBook on the internet, the reviews are great. It is short and to the point. The eBook is titled: How To Earn Passive Income on eHow

Monday, March 8, 2010

eHow Earnings

I have been writing on eHow diligently, and I am up to 86 articles. Most of my articles are too new to be showing off their long term earnings potential, but I have a few standouts. One articles I wrote on February 4th has already made over $3. This is really good considering it usually takes time to get a decent page rank, and be recognized by users. If everything goes as planned, it will make $6-$10 next month, $10-$20 the following month, and hopefully reach the $30-$50 a month range for the remainder of its life. I also wrote an article on Student Loan Consolidation Interest Rates, which could be helpful for anyone looking to consolidate their student loans. Check it out.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Survive After College

I wrote a short e-how article on surviving after College. I discussed finding health insurance, finding new sources of income, and paying of debts. Check it out.

How To Survive After College